A Brief History:

The Diocese of Aurangabad was erected by the Decree ‘Qui Arcano’ (No.1139/78 ) dated December 1977, comprising of eight civil districts. The area comprising the civil Districts of Aurangabad, Jalna, Hingoli, Nanded and Parbhani were drawn from the Diocese of Amravati. Latur, Beed and Osmanabad from the Archdiocese of Hyderabad. This entire region constitutes the Political Unit of the Maharashtra State called the Marathwada. Rt. Rev.Dominic Abreo was consecrated on 9th April 1978 as its first Bishop. He shepherded the Diocese till his demise on 1st May 1987. After the death of Bishop Dominic Abreo, Msgr. Ignatius D’ Cunha was elected as the Administrator on 3rd May 1987. Later, the Holy See, on 22nd February 1989, appointed him as the second Bishop of Aurangabad and he was consecrated on 3rd April 1989. On his resignation on 20th January 1998, due to ill health, Rev. Fr. Paul George was elected as the Administrator of the Diocese. On 5th March 1999, Most Rev. Sylvester Monteiro, the then Auxiliary Bishop of Nagpur, was appointed to the See of Aurangabad and was installed on 25th March 1999. After serving the Diocese for 6 years, Bishop Sylvester died on 14th August 2005. Rev. Fr. Paul George was again elected as the Administrator. The Bishop of Amravati Diocese, Most Rev. Edwin Colaco was transferred to Aurangabad Diocese on 20.10.2006 and he was installed as the Bishop of Aurangabad Diocese 08.12.2006. On 13.05.2015, The Holy Father accepted the resignation of Msgr. Edwin Colaco from the pastoral care of the Diocese of Aurangabad and appointed Fr. Ambrose Rebello as the new Bishop of Aurangabad diocese. Marathwada region, being the most backward region of the State of Maharashtra, the spiritual, educational and socio-economic growth of the people, especially of the marginalized was a matter of great concern for the Diocese. The poverty, illiteracy and injustice meted to the catholics belonging to scheduled caste community was of utmost concern to the Church in Aurangabad. Primarily, spiritual growth of the people was given greater importance by the first Bishop, Most Rev. Dominic Abreo. Therefore, to enable the people to grow in Christian faith and sacramental life the Bishop established new Parishes, Mission Stations and Mass Centres in various villages, with good number of Catholic population. The Diocese now has 25 Parishes/Mission stations, 29 Sub-Stations and 44 Mass Centres.

With the aim to provide education to the most needy children in the villages and towns, the Diocese started new schools in most of the Parishes under St. Francis de Sales Education Society. This Society is a Registered Body and coordinates the different Educational Institutions in the Diocese. To enable the poor children to avail the primary and secondary education in the rural areas, the Diocese started Boarding School in the Parishes for the poor girls and boys, who otherwise would have been deprived of even basic education.

To improve the socio – economic condition of the people in the rural areas, the Diocese, not only undertook various socio-economic welfare programmes, but also constituted a Directorate for Social Work to undertake and coordinate these activities. To look after the health and hygiene of the people many Congregations of the Sisters were invited and they willingly opened their convents and dispensaries to administer medicine and health care for the poorest of the poor in the villages. In the diocese there are 2 full fledged hospitals and 10 dispensaries serving the poor people in the villages and the cities.

The Mission that Diocese received from the Lord was really a difficult task. Since the Diocese was in its infancy, it lacked personnel. Hence various Religious Congregations of both Men and Women assisted the Diocese in its spiritual, educational, social, economic and health services. Today there are three Men Religious Congregations and seventeen Women Religious Congregations working in the different parts of the Diocese rendering yeoman services which are of immense value addition for the growth of the Diocese of Aurangabad.


Most Rev. Ambrose Rebello (Fifth Bishop) 13.05.2015

Most Rev. Ambrose Rebello(2015.05.13 – till present)
BornBorn 1949 (India)
Ordained Priest1979.04.22
Consecrated Bishop2015.05.13
Parish Priest of St. Joseph,
Borsar (India)
Parish Priest of Christ the King Parish,
Malighorgaon (India)
Parish Priest of St. Joseph Parish,
Raghunathnagar (India)
Parish Priest of Pasca,
Parish Priest of Karuna Matha Mandir Parish,
Vicer General of Aurangabad,
Director of the Diocesan Pastoral Centre,
Vice Chancellor and Director of the
Education Society of the Diocese of Aurangabad.
Elected as Bishop of Aurangabad (India)2015.05.12
Installed as Bishop of Aurangabad (India)2015.08.28



FCRA Registration

Foreign Contribution Details

S.No.Name Of DonourDateAmount in INR
1Apostolic Nunciature in India, 50-C, Niti Marg. Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110 02121.10.2015
2Apostolic Nunciature in India, 50-C, Niti Marg. Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110 02130.11.2015 3,07,200.00
3Apostolic Nunciature in India, 50-C, Niti Marg. Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110 02101.12.2015 39,91.000.00
4Apostolic Nunciature in India, 50-C, Niti Marg. Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110 02117.2.2016462,000.00
5Pontifical Society,
6Sister of St. Peter Clover29.2.2016 204,064.00
7Mr. Suhas Pereira (Switzerland)21.06.2016 1,00,011.00
8Apostolic Nunciature (USD 13000)05.10.16 8,45,000.00
9Diocese of Singapore (Educational Donation)19.01.17 93,971.00
10r. Suhas Pareira Pastorairaum Olten Sweitzerland (Educational Donation)31.03.17 1,58,783.00
11Congregation per Evouge Ligatson (Donation)11.04.17 76,690.45
12Bishop’s Pension21.04.17 2,97,600.00
13Missions DDT PROV D JESUITEN,Germany(Purchase of Vehicle)08.09.17 9,84,246.00
14Apostolic Nuncio (Educational Aid)12.11.17 9,84,246.00
15ANI New Delhi (Pension of Bishop Edwin)25.04.18 3,07,200.00
16From Account 03165346440 (Subsidy)31 Mar 2018 to 17 May 2018 75,502.00
17FDR Interest01 July 2018 to 31 Aug. 2018 75,503.00
18QTR Interest31 Aug. 2018 to 30 Sept. 2018 1,521.00
19Extra Ordinary Subsidy
(Embassy of Holy See)
1 Oct. to 19 Oct. 2018Rs. 10,72,500.00
20Qtr. Interest17 Nov. 2018Rs. 75,503.00
21Interest5 Dec. to 31 Dec. 2018Rs. 3,659.00
22ANI New Delhi (Subsidy)13 Feb. 2019Rs. 3,31,200.00
23-Apr. 2019 to June 2019NIL